My three daily anki decks 2: kanji

I talked about my deck of words in this post.

As for my deck of kanji, a note gives two cards which are:

1- Anki displays the kanji and some words using this kanji. I must know the kanji’s approximative meaning and I must pronounce the words.

Note that I don’t bother saying all the pronunciation of the kanji, I just can’t remember them all, and anyway, it would not be useful for me to do so. I try to be practical and what is useful to me is to know how words are pronounced so I just focus on the words.

スケッチ4As you can see, I visually separate the on and the kun readings. This really helps me!

As for the words, they are all in my deck of words, which means that I am supposed to know their meaning.

Anki displays the meaning and the pronunciation of the kanji, I must write the kanji and I should also write the words, but to be honest I often skip this step…


If you like my deck settings, here are some instructions:

First, you have to create a field for each information: kanji, English, on, kun, word (kanji) on, word (pronunciation) on, word (kanji) kun, word (pronunciation) kun.

As for the settings, the card which shows the kanji looks like:


“mot on” and “mot kun” stand for the word in kanji.

I created two different .class because I wanted the on and the kun pronunciation to be in different colour.

The card which show the pronunciation:

スケッチ6My default .class has a Japanese font, that’s why I created a .class for English (here: “anglais”).

“on” and “kun” are just the pronunciation of the kanji

“pro on” and “pro kun” are the pronunciation of the words.


As for the css, I really think that using two different colours is helpful and it is just something you need to write once, so it really doesn’t take time.


I am no html pro, I just tried something and it worked so I didn’t ask myself whether there was a better way to do it or not. If you are horrified by this piece of html code, please don’t hesitate to post suggestions!




In fact, I should be reviewing my kanji deck instead of posting about it… 😕