I’m learning Japanese, Chinese and Korean, and my goal is to be able to read books in these languages. 

I created this blog to record my progress. I mainly post about reading books in Japanese, learning Chinese, and I also try to post book reviews of the novels I read. 

Some of my long term projects are to read all the available winners of the Mystery Writers of Japan Award, and as I progress in Chinese, I also started the project to read the winners of the Mystery Writers of Taiwan Award. I am also reading a collection called 日本探偵小説全集. 

Monthly reading goals

Short stories and novellas:

凶器 (松本清張)
紐 (松本清張)
堀越捜査一課長殿 (江戸川乱歩)
あっち側の女 (夏樹静子)
滑走路灯 (夏樹静子)
소유 (엄성용)
 남자친구의 sns (엄성용)
큰 소리 내지 마세요 (송한별)
 아들이 돌아오는 날 (송한별)
 현관문 너머 (송한별)
널 죽이러 간다 (송한별)
7474074 (송한별)
형을 집행 한다 (송한별)
冰室 (馬丹尼)
救風塵 (鍾岳)

Collection of linked short stories:

変な家2 (Uketsu)

Get in touch

The best way to get in touch is through Mastodon (or you can leave a comment on any post here). I have social anxiety and I have never been very active on social media. Mastodon is the only platform I use at the moment, I post updates of the books I read and things I learn.

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Currently reading

  • 黒い画集 by Seicho Matsumoto (松本清張)

Learning Chinese with Genshin Impact

I started playing Genshin at the end of 2022, and I love this game. The Chinese voice-over made me fall in love with Chinese, and this is how I started learning the language. Learning Chinese is so closely associated with Genshin, that I wanted to have a place where I could post about the things I learn while playing the game, a bit like a mini blog. 

I created a single user instance on Mastodon for this purpose. It’s a really cool experience, I like the feeling that I can talk about my current favourite hobby without bothering anyone. 

The illustrations on this blog are drawn by me and are, for the most part, inspired by Genshin.

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