I’m in the process of migrating my blog, so some down time is expected during the next few days (weeks? 😅).

Welcome! I am a language learner and reader of crime fiction. I’ve been learning Japanese for several years and have reached a point where I can enjoy my favourite hobby: reading mystery novels in Japanese.

I am also learning Korean and Chinese with the same goal. 

I am mostly posting about book reviews of the books I read in Japanese as well as some updates about my readings in these three languages.

Latest posts in the Fediverse:

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Reading and language learning blog

Currently reading: Chinese, Korean and Japanese novels

April reading update! I am currently reading in my three target languages at the same time.

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05 Apr 2024
Reading and language learning blog

Korean mini book reviews #2

After a long break, I am back with four mini reviews of Korean books.

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27 Mar 2024
Reading and language learning blog

Learning Chinese with EBS

I’m learning Chinese with a Korean podcast simply called 중급 중국어.

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18 Mar 2024
Reading and language learning blog

Spring reading challenge: exploring Seicho Matsumoto’s work

I ordered and received six books by Seicho Matsumoto. Reading them all will be my Spring challenge this year!

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09 Mar 2024

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