I’m a language learner and a big fan of crime fiction, and I created this blog to talk about these two main hobbies of mine.

 I am learning languages for the main purpose of reading books and playing video games. I’ve been learning Japanese for several years, and this is my most comfortable language when it comes to reading. I’m still struggling with Korean, and I started learning Chinese only recently.

I mainly post about reading detective novels in my target languages and I try to post book reviews of the books I read. 

My blog used to be called insidethatjapanesebook.com, but I migrated from wordpress com to org, and a lot of things have changed. I grouped my older posts in the “learning Japanese” section. 


Monthly reading goals

I like having reading goals even though I don’t care too much if I don’t complete them. These are just books it would be great to read this month.

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Currently reading

  • 不要相信保羅的話 by 唐墨 (Tang Mo)

Get in touch

The best way to get in touch is through Mastodon (or you can leave a comment on any post here). I have social anxiety and I have never been very active on social media. Mastodon is the only platform I use at the moment, I post updates of the books I read and things I learn.

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Latest posts

Reading and language learning blog

Back to reading with short…

I made a list of short stories (some of them very short!) as reading goal for June. It helps me...

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11 Jun 2024
Reading and language learning blog

May reads: a slow month

I haven’t read much in May, I mostly finished novels that I had started in April and read some short...

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02 Jun 2024
Reading and language learning blog

Genshin Impact: Chinese only!

Genshin is the reason why I started learning Chinese, and recently, I have switched my game to Chinese only. I...

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20 May 2024

Long term reading goals

Some of my long term projects are:

– Read all the available winners of the Mystery Writers of Japan Award. 

– Explore the bibliography of authors who won the MWJA

– Read the anthology of Japanese detective fiction called 日本探偵小説全集 (12 volumes).

– Read all the short stories shortlisted for the Mystery Writers of Taiwan Award. 

Reading updates

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Learning Chinese with Genshin Impact

I started playing Genshin at the end of 2022, and I love this game. The Chinese voice-over made me fall in love with Chinese, and this is how I started learning the language. Learning Chinese is so closely associated with Genshin, that I wanted to have a place where I could post about the things I learn while playing the game, a bit like a mini blog. 

I created a single user instance on Mastodon for this purpose. It’s a really cool experience, I like the feeling that I can talk about my current favourite hobby without bothering anyone. 

The illustrations on this blog are drawn by me and are, for the most part, inspired by Genshin.

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