Currently reading: 『日本語びいき』by 清水由美

Once again, I find myself reading several books at the same time! I could not resist this book's title and cover: [caption id="attachment_13017" align="alignleft" width="272"] 『日本語びいき』by 清水由美, illustrated by ヨシタケシンスケ, 中公文庫[/caption] 『日本語びいき』 is written by a Japanese teacher who teaches Japanese to foreigners. From what she writes in her forewords, I guess that there was/is..

Currently Reading: 『流星の絆』by 東野圭吾

[caption id="attachment_12973" align="alignleft" width="195"] 『流星の絆』by 東野圭吾, 講談社文庫[/caption] To me, the best way to start reading again after a long period of trials and errors is to start a novel by Keigo HIGASHINO. The magic worked this time too, with the novel 『流星の絆』(りゅうせい の きずな). It is a very long novel (617 pages), but I am confident..

Currently reading: 「私のクラスの生徒が、一晩で24人死にました。」by 日向奈くらら

Even if I still haven't finished the novel 「光」, I started a new book of my reading challenge: 「私のクラスの生徒が、一晩で24人死にました。」by 日向奈くらら (ひむかな くらら). It has an English title, which is "24 students in my class died overnight". To be frank, when I returned from my haul in Kyoto and listed up all the 13 books I had..