JLPT: Practise reading and listening!

When it comes to the reading and listening sections of the JLPT, concentration is key. It’s not enough to be able to understand difficult texts and audio, you have to be able to do it for more than one hour long. Of course, you want to constantly improve your Japanese level, but don’t forget to improve your concentration too!

I passed the JLPT N1!

This is a long post about me taking and passing the JLPT N1 for the first time. I will talk about: my scores, section by section;what I did during my six-month preparation for N1, what was useful and what was useless;why I am going to sit the test once more in December and how I am..

JLPT N1 round 2: Start!

Since January 2019, I am studying to pass the JLPT N1. My goal is to pass the test in December, but I also took the test of July to gain some practice. It was helpful, but it also gave me a sense of achievement, and it is hard to get back to the JLPT preparation now! After..

JLPT N1: Practice test!

I took my second practice test for N1 this weekend! This time, I bought a Korean collection of 5 practice tests. The book is called JLPT 일본어 능력시험 실전모의고사 and is published by 동양북스. The second volume is for the answers, the scripts, Korean translations and explanations. Even though they devoted an entire book for..

JLPT Journal #7: Reading!

In February, I took a practice test (the one that is available for free of the JLPT website), and I found the reading part to be very difficult. I took the JLPT N2 twice in 2017 and got 60 and 59 points in the reading part. I remember that I didn't find the texts to..