Japanese News: April week1

I have been checking the news to in Japanese to give an overview of what happened this week (including last weekend). Of course, I may have overlooked important information and I hope that I understood well the articles I have read. I did my best! Let's have a look! (all sources from NHK News Web):..


This is the theme song and ending song of From up on Poppy hill. The name of the song, さよならの夏・さよならのなつ means Summer of goodbye and it is sang by 手嶌葵・てしまあおい Teshima Aoi. Appearing at the end of the film, this song conveys a touch of sadness, echoing with some aspects of the film. It also..


This is the song 風になる from the singer つじあやの. It's the song from the Ghibli film The cat returns.  https://youtu.be/-BRKURfRHso The lyrics: 忘れていた目を閉じて 取り戻せ 恋のうた 青空に隠れている 手を伸ばしてもう一度 取り戻す・とりもどす to take back, to regain, to get back, to recover 青空・あおそら blue sky 隠れる・かくれる to be hidden 伸ばす・のばす to reach out, to straighten 忘れないで すぐそばに僕がいる いつの日も 星空を眺めている 一人きりの夜明けも 星空・ほしぞら starry sky 眺める・ながめる to view, to gaze at 夜明け・よあけ dawn, daybreak..