I’m learning Japanese, Korean and Chinese to be able to read books in these languages. I mostly read crime fiction and post book reviews here. They are mainly reviews of mystery novels that I read in Japanese.

Reading projects:


    • I started two reading projects recently. The first one, started in January 2022, is to read all the winners of the Mystery Writers of Japan Award. A lot of books are sadly out of print and not available digitally, so I have to skip them, but I plan on reading all the ones I can buy from outside Japan.


    • In 2023, I got the collection called 『日本探偵小説全集』, an anthology of 12 volumes of Japanese detective fiction. I’m progressing slowly on this one, but my goal is to finish the 12 books (this might take me several years!).

    • In order to improve my reading level in Korean, I’ve decided to read one short story per week.

    • I’m also progressing very slowly on a Taiwanese novel that I plan on reading over the course of 2023.



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