Spring reading challenge: exploring Seicho Matsumoto’s work

The books I had ordered are here!

A display of books, face up, on a wooden table. There are six books lying flat, they are all by Seicho Matsumoto. On the left, there is a pile of four books, half out of the picture,  their title is not visible.

My plan is to read them in chronological order:

  • 点と線 1958 – 262 pages
  • ゼロの焦点 1959 – 481 pages
  • 黒い画集 1959 – 737 pages
  • 砂の器 1961 – 968 pages
  • 時間の習俗 1962 – 384 pages
  • 内海の輪 1969 – 278 pages

I wish I could set myself a fixed reading plan like “one book a week”, but given the disparity in book length, I doubt it will be possible. I really like reading challenges though, and given that Spring is just around the corner (March 19th* – June 20th), I’ll make reading Matsumoto a Spring challenge. My goal is to finish all the books I bought before the end of June, I think that it is perfectly doable, and I also really like reading the same author extensively during a set period of time.

I’ll be doing some updates here and on Mastodon, and of course, I will be posting book reviews when I finish a book. I am still in the process of catching up with older reviews that are queueing up in my draft folder, but I think I will be able to entirely catch up in March.

* 2024 is a leap year, so Spring starts earlier this year! Won’t change much for my reading challenge though 😜.