Language diary #5: Monthly review

February is over, and I haven’t been as diligent as I should have been.

JLPT first practice test 😭

I think that the JLPT N1 practice test that I took during the second week of February discouraged me a little. It was the JLPT Official Practice Workbook (the one published in 2012). The vocabulary and grammar part was too difficult for me, but it is normal given that I still have several months to prepare.

What really discouraged me is the reading part. I found it very hard. Reading detective novels and thrillers is much easier than any of the N1 text! To be honest, I more or less thought that I could take the test without making extra efforts on the reading part, that I already had the required level. But now I think that I will have to read other things than best-selling novels if I want to score a good mark.

Another discouraging thing was listening. The listening questions of the practice test are too easy and do not correspond to the real test level. I feel that I have lost my time with the listening part of this test… I will have to look for good resources so that I can be well prepared. Listening is my weakest skill so I need to put some extra effort into this part.

JLPT goals 😕

My goals for February were:

  • Kanji: reach week 2 day 3
  • Grammar: reach week 4 day 4
  • Vocabulary: reach unit 17

I have achieved the Kanji and vocabulary goals, but I haven’t reviewed the vocabulary regularly. As a result, I feel that I have forgotten several words of the previous lessons.

As for grammar, I have fallen behind schedule. I have completed week 3, but I still haven’t started week 4. I hope that I can study at least two lessons this weekend.

With vocabulary and grammar, I have realised that the more I review, the more I want to review, and the less I do, the less I want to. In March, I will try to open my vocabulary book and study my grammar flashcards at least once every other day.

Reading goals 🙂

I have completed all my reading goals! I have finally finished 『誰か』by Miyuki MIYABI, and I have finished 『向田理髪店』by Hideo OKUDA this week! I am still writing the review.

I also wanted to read another novel during the month, and I have read 『ジャッジメント』by Yuka Kobayashi.

New Korean site! 😄

In February, I have read a novel in Korean, which is a real accomplishment to me. Reading in Korean is really hard and after several failed attempts, I had more or less given up the idea of reading Korean authors in Korean.

The book I read is <교동회관 밀실 살인사건> by YUN Ja-yeong (윤자영), it is a detective novel with elements of thriller and psychological thriller. It was easy to read and very addictive.

At this time, I wanted to do something else than studying for the JLPT, so I have created a new site devoted to reading detective novels, thrillers and mystery novels in Korean and anything related to the world of crime fiction in Korea. I have played around with it for the past two weeks and had a lot of fun.

It is still a work in progress, but if you are interested in Korean crime fiction: hangukchurisoseol

March! 🎏🍜💕

I will go to Japan in March, for a five-day trip (I can’t wait to buy a Sailor special edition!) As a consequence, I won’t be posting during the second week of March.

My goals for March are only the JLPT basis that I need to do: