My blog in 2019

Happy New Year!

I just wanted to make a quick announcement about my blog in 2019. I won’t be posting as regularly as I did in 2018, but I will update my blog at least once a week. Also, I will give up the category “currently reading” which I find redundant given that I also write book reviews. Instead, I will be creating new categories:

  • Language learning diary. This post will be about my learning Japanese in general. This is where I will talk about the books I am currently reading, my reading progress, etc.
  • JLPT journal. I will post there my progress in the preparation of the JLPT N1.
  • Book reviews.

I think that I will also write about film and music from time to time and post learning tips.

Having a strict schedule in 2018 helped me to get into the habit of writing regularly, but I am happy to have more flexibility in 2019.

I wish you all a good start in the new year!

I’m learning Japanese, Korean and Chinese to read detective novels in these languages. I post about my reading progress and language study here. Best way to get in touch is on Mastodon 🙂

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