Japanese Immersion: October week 2

I have been a little sick this week and haven’t done much for my Japanese.

First of all, I was a little disappointed, when I watched the 5th episode of the drama 『シグナル 長期未解決事件捜査班』, to find it very difficult to understand. I thought I had made progress, and it is discouraging to realise that I still have to struggle as soon as the actors speak a little faster or use difficult words. Not feeling well certainly did not help me because I was not willing to put in the extra effort and look up words as I would have done otherwise.

I also watched the first episode of 『流星の絆』. I have finished the novel by Keigo HIGASHINO and wanted to have a look at the drama, but I didn’t like it. It is a good listening practice though, so I might continue to watch it, but I don’t like it enough to study it or listen to it several times. As they made 10 episodes out of a single novel, they had to add scenes, and I think that the result is very far from Higashino’s book. The drama may follow the main story, but the atmosphere is very different. They made what looks like a family drama out of a detective novel, and I was not convinced by the acting.

I had a headache all week long, so this is all that I have done for my Japanese this week…

Japanese Immersion - October week 2-1