Currently Reading: 「光」by 三浦しをん

Even though I am reading several books at the same time, I am not losing sight of my reading challenge list. Given that「赤い指」 (the previous novel I read) was easy to read, I picked up a book that I am almost sure will be challenging: 「光」by 三浦しをん (みうらしをん).

I bought this book during my December haul in Kyoto and I chose it because I had read another book by this author: 「舟を編む」.

If you follow this blog for some time, you know that it took me months to read 「舟を編む」(I have just checked my older posts, I posted this book in my “currently reading” section in August 2017 and my review in January 2018! 😳 … I published some reading notes too because I stumbled across so many challenging parts). Nevertheless, 「舟を編む」is one of my favourite books ever, not only in Japanese.

And so I bought 「光」with a mix of excitation and apprehension because it might as well be as challenging as 「舟を編む」.

Both books have something in common though, they both have been adapted into films. I don’t particularly want to watch the film adaptation of 「光」 but I might do it if the book proves itself to be too difficult. Here is the trailer:

To be completely honest, I have read the first pages and I am not that into the story for now. I may have been too apprehensive while approaching this book. I started it with the conviction that it would be challenging in terms of vocabulary and this general feeling probably did not help me to fully enjoy it.

This added to the fact that I am reading several books at the same time… Maybe I will be able to post my review in six months? 😅