Currently reading: 噓を愛する女 by 岡部えつ

I started the first novel of my 2018 reading challenge list! I picked up what seemed to be the easiest novel on the list: 「噓を愛する女」by 岡部えつ(おかべえつ). I didn’t know this author before, I have checked her Wikipedia page and I saw that there was a drama adaptation of one of her previous novel.

I first thought that this novel was adapted into a film, but now I think that it is the other way around, that this novel was written after the film. It may sound strange, but I am not sure at all which came first… Here is the trailer for the film:

噓を愛する女 filmFrom what I have read so far and what we can guess from the trailer, I think that there may be some differences between the film and the novel. For example, the film seems to insist on the “perfect couple” aspect, whereas the novel stresses the fact that they were not married. But the main point remains the same. One day, a woman named Yukari realises that everything she knew about the man with whom she lives is fake. She decides to investigate to discover who he really is.

The book is really easy to read, mainly based on dialogues with very few descriptions. I enjoy reading it but I doubt whether I would have liked to read it in French or English. Let’s say that I enjoy the story and want to know what the “boyfriend’s secret” is but more than the book in itself, the possibility to read comfortably in Japanese is by far the most enjoyable part of this reading experience.

I will probably be able to post my review as soon as next week!