An 110-year-old carousel pig

Opening Asahi’s web page today, I find this intriguing article in the top news.

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An 110-year-old carousel pig presents itself, speaking in the first person. Thanks to this article, I learnt that merry-go-round is said 回転木馬・かいてんもくば in Japanese.

Our carousel pig is turning 110-year-old this year and is still amusing children in the park Toshimaen, along with the horses ウマくんと一緒に without having failed a single time 負けたことはない.

The pig and its equid friends have an interesting story. Born in Germany (ドイツで生まれたぼくたちは), they crossed the Atlantic to the U.S (アメリカに渡り) and stayed there for about a half century 半世紀・はんせいき before going to Japan.

7 years ago, the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers 日本機械学会・にほんきかいがっかい certified  認定する・にんていする the carousel as Mechanical Engineering Heritage 機械遺産・きかいいさん.

The carousel was carved 彫られた・ほられた by hand 手で彫られた in style Art Nouveau アールヌーボー様式・ようしき. The creaking sound ギシギシ that can be heard when the carousel is set into motion is part of its charm.

Our pig wishes we could see the 1200 light bulbs 電球・でんきゅう that accompany them when they go round on summer nights. If you want to pay him a visit, the carousel is called “carousel El Dorado” and is situated in the park Toshimaen としまえん in Nerima 練馬区・ねりまく, Tokyo.