Roots and stamina

Prompted to reflect on Roots and writing a blog about Japanese learning, I naturally had a look at how to say “root” in Japanese.

The interesting thing is that the character to say «root» (根・こん) also means “perseverance”, “stamina”, “mental energy”.

So, reflecting on roots being the source of our stamina and energy, I looked up to find inspiration in the air and… I saw it.

The onion I bought two weeks ago and forgot on the lower shelf, with no water and almost no light, was growing little roots and magnificent leaves, proud like a tropical palm tree on a sunny beach, between the spaghetti packs and the canned cat food.

Now, I’m almost tempted to take the onion on the lower shelf as my role model.

Even in the most precarious situation, the onion remembered that roots, as tiny as they may be, give perseverance, stamina and energy and it achieved what it wanted to achieve, it grew to become something better, it didn’t care about the lack of resources, about having no expectations and facing an uncertain future, it didn’t ask itself whether its post will be read or not, it just created and went forward.

If it did it, I can do it!