Inside that audiobook

To improve one’s listening skills, there is no other way than to listen, listen, listen. And one good way to listen to something in the target language is to acquire audiobooks.

Audiobooks advantages:

  • You can purchase the book and the audiobook, which means you can improve your listening and your reading skills and easily check in the book things you didn’t understand while listening.
  • You can choose something that appeals to you, there are all sorts of audiobooks, from fiction to self-development.
  • Contrary to the radio, you can listen again to a certain part, or even study a certain chapter and so on.
  • You can listen to it anywhere, while driving, commuting, doing houseworks and so on.
  • It does cost its cost but if you buy an audiobook, the quality will be there, the text is read by a professionnal and well read.

I’m sure there are a lot more advantages…

Anyway, if you want to buy an audiobook, you can go to febe. Creating an account is free and you can have a preview (do you say «preview» for an audio?) before buying. After buying the audiobook, you can download the mp3.

Unfortunately, they don’t have so much choice in literature… They seem to be better at business, self-development and practical books.

I usually don’t read self-development books but I have found that they are quite easy to understand in japanese. Much more than fiction. So if your goal is to improve your listening skills, go for a book about how to set one’s goal, improving whatever skill, being better at, sleep better, concentrate better, study better and so on! And it can do no harm listening to those kind of things 😀

I actually bought two self-development books on ibooks (it was before I get to know febe). They are really great to improve listening skills, they won’t use extravagant vocabulary and they are both pronounced very clearly.

The easiest to understand is : ポチ・たまと読む 自分を励ます技術・悩みを解決する技術

The other one is : 朝昼夕3つのことを心がければOK! あなたの人生を変える睡眠の法則

There are a lot more audiobooks, I am not saying those ones are better than the other. It’s just that I bought them and am quite satisfied with them.