Japanese Immersion: October week 5

As I mentioned on Monday, I have finished watching the 10 episodes drama 『シグナル 長期未解決事件捜査班』and I have started a new one this week! I also continued reading the political magazine Sapio. Japanese drama シグナル: final thoughts I have watched maybe 4 or 5 Korean drama entirely in my life and started dozens of them without..

Currently reading: 「朝鮮開国と日清戦争」by 渡辺惣樹

Some days ago, I saw this book piled up in a bookshop in Seoul: 「朝鮮開国と日清戦争 アメリカはなぜ日本を支持し、朝鮮を見限ったか」by 渡辺惣樹 (わたなべ・そうき) [caption id="attachment_12361" align="alignleft" width="205"] 「朝鮮開国と日清戦争」by 渡辺惣樹  (草思社文庫)[/caption] They have a decent selection of non-fiction books in Japanese, but not so much space that they would pile up a lot of titles. So naturally, my attention was drawn to this..