Book review: 『日本探偵小説全集 1』

One of my reading projects is to read the entire collection of detective novels called 日本探偵小説全集 and published by Sogensha. There are 12 volumes in total. This first volume contains novels and short stories by three authors:  Ruiko Kuroiwa (黒岩涙香): 無惨 (むざん) 血の文字 (ちのもじ) Fuboku Kosakai (小酒井不木): 痴人の復讐 (ちじんのふくしゅう) 恋愛曲線 (れんあいきょくせん) 愚人の毒 (ぐじんのどく) 闘争 (とうそう)..