Plans for April

I have only read two novels in March, so it’s time for me to refocus on reading more books. Here are my plans for April:

Kogoro Akechi 4 🕵️‍♂️🔎

Of course, I will continue with my reading challenge and read the fourth volume of the Kogoro Akechi. It is a novel of 292 pages, so hopefully I will not spend too much time reading it.

Book Haul 📚💸

Best thing to do to get back into reading is to buy tons of books! I have ordered 15 books, all novels! Some titles belongs to series I want to continue, and some were recommended to me on Twitter.

2 books from my TBR pile 📕💤

And while I wait for my order to arrive, my goal is to read some books I have on my TBR pile. This includes 『満願』 by Honobu Yonezawa (米澤穂信) and 『告白』 by Kanae Minato (湊かなえ), which I bought years ago and still haven’t read 😅

Bookshelves Cleaning 🕸🧹

My bookshelves are a real mess right now, with too little room for too many books and no particular order. I will have to re-arrange everything to accommodate the new books.

New site design 💻🌄

I have been writing my blog for 4 years now, and I start being a little tired of how it looks.

I am trying out different themes (the former one was Zuki by Elma Studio), so things might look a little chaotic on my blog right now.

I also want to try a new drawing style and give my blog a more mature look. I am also working on the tags, which is something I have always neglected.

Finally, I have a new avatar:



16 thoughts on “Plans for April

  1. 髪染めたんですか? 積ん読は何あるんですか?こっちの場合はかれこれ60冊

    do yo also read manga??

    1. Haha, no, actually, I’ve never had blonde hair!

      I don’t know exactly how many books I have on my TBR, but I think that I manage to keep it under control. It should be around 10-20 books I guess. There are books that I started but didn’t like, so maybe these belong to the DNF shelf rather than the TBR one.

      I like manga but the problem is that I don’t want to buy physical copies because they take too much place and they are quite expensive (compared to the time it takes to read them). I find reading on screen extremely tiring for the eyes, so in the end, I don’t read manga very often.

      1. I had the same problem with manga so I got an ereader 7.8 and load Rae/zip on it. I also use that to read korean on it so I haven’t read manga on it in a while.

        The idea of the manga cafe in Japan appeals to me but then I shortly remember the rampant indoor smoking in Japan

        1. I was wondering if it’s possible to read manga on e-reader, but the font is often quite small in manga and I’m afraid it will be difficult to read sometimes…

  2. do you plan on ever getting a kindle? it’s a real game-changer for Japanese since you tap to get the defintion. i read physical books and ebooks on the kindle. for japanese books i’m going to go for ebooks from now on whenever possible (if the book is only available on print or has a lotta of fifgures or something where it’s better to get the physical book i’ll definitely go for it) because i don’t want to deal with clutter. i have books in boxes and in my tiny bookshelf.

    1. i enjoy the benefits of ebook and physical books. sometimes i prefer the kindle if i want to read in my bed or use my theracane and sometimes i like the physical book because of the feel of paper/ink . i actually recently bought cloth book covers for my bunko lol. maybe it’s kinda nerdy?? one of the book covers on etsy was gorgeous so i couldn’t resist. I like the tactile sensation of touching cloth over the paper material when i hold a book with a book cover on top if i don’t use my wooden book holder. also i never liked the idea of the sebum/grease/sweat/warmth etc from my fingers getting on the book cover. the book cover also protects the book from other stuff like if i drop it on the floor by mistake

      1. I really love the Japanese bunko, the size is perfect, they are cheap enough, the paper is always good quality and I always love the cover art. This is why I want to stick to physical books for as long as possible. I also have some book covers, I feel more comfortable throwing my book in my bag if it has a cover.

        English books tend to be more expensive, and they are so massive, I don’t know how you are supposed to hold them. I mainly read non fiction, and the physical copies are always so big. I would not be able to keep them on my shelves. I also find that the paper quality is bad and I often dislike the font.
        So yes, buying English books on Kindle really changed my life!

        If I were reading in Korean, I would also go for digital copies. The books are often super high quality, but they are so heavy!

    2. I do have a kindle, but I use it only to read English books. I don’t think that I can download from Amazon JP on my kindle, but I don’t know exactly how it works.

      I think I still prefer to buy physical books for Japanese and digital books for English. It works well for me now, but maybe I will have to go all digital when I don’t have place anymore to stock physical books.

      1. The good news Japanese learners is that there’s a lotta ebooks out there for free ie on itazuranekko ( a site). There’s also the aozora bunko site for older works. I live in America but I can buy off amazon co jp. I just use a free vpn called softether( mattvsjapan made a video on it) so it looks like I’m buying in Japan with my American credit card. No problems. I’ve been doing it for 2 years

        1. also has an international version in which you can buy their Japanese products even with a foreign address and credit card 🙂 They also include custom fees in the shipping so it’s really very convenient.

          1. Yes, I can buy physical books on Amazon JP with my Korean credit card, so there’s no problem as long as it’s not e-books. However, there seems to be regional restrictions for digital books 🤷‍♀️ But being able to order and receive physical copies is great for sure 🙂

          2. That’s true, e-books have location restrictions, although I much prefer physical books so I don’t mind too much 😅 I had ordered some Japanese books last summer from elsewhere because they had reduced courier shipping, but I ended up having to pay 50€ in custom taxes, so has been a real life (and money!) saver in regards to that!

      2. You’d have to get another kindle to buy from amazon jp because your French amazon account only works for French amazon.

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