1000 followers on Twitter!

I made this #throwbackthursday comic to celebrate 1000 followers on Twitter!

2 thoughts on “1000 followers on Twitter!

  1. Hi. I was wondering what you’re set up for reading is in terms of posture and comfort?? If you have aches and whatnot, you should definitely change things up. I have a book holder that I use for books and my kindles. It’s very convenient since I don’t have to hold stuff to read and I don’t have to look down at a table. I alternate between sitting and standing for reading. I also use a music stand ( i change the angle so it’s like a table) to place my book holder for reading while standing

    1. Thankfully, I don’t have any back pain or aches that would make it difficult to hold my books. I alternate between sitting and standing too. I also alternate between sitting at my desk (looking down) and sitting back in my chair (holding my book). I guess it’s okay because Japanese books are light.
      The music stand to place your book holder is a good idea! Sometimes I rest my arms on my cat’s cat tree while standing!

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