Talking about your hobby…

When it comes to hobbies, I sometimes feel that strangers on the Internet understand me better than my own family… 🤔

4 thoughts on “Talking about your hobby…

  1. Oh my gosh! The illustrations are just so cute! So adorable! You know what… You could be a manga artist and publish your own comics and I’ll definitely buy. Lol. By the way, the older generation doesn’t understand the things we treat as hobbies. To them, everything you do must have a purpose (like to get a job in Japan) or they won’t understand why you go through all the trouble for the sake of fun. Like you, I’m studying Japanese language because I like the language and to take the JLPT is for my self-fulfilment satisfaction. The test is like a measurement of how much I am able to achieve after an amount of months or years of study.

    1. Thank you so much!

      Yes, a lot of people just don’t understand that learning a language can be a hobby in itself. And taking a test does not correspond to their idea of “fun” or “hobby”. Taking the JLPT might not be the funniest part of learning Japanese, but it is extremely motivating and exciting too!

  2. Seriously your illustrations are so beautiful throughout the blog. How do you do them? pardon me for asking , I am a complete novice. Are you using a pressure pad?any software in particular?

    1. Thank you very much! 😊 I am using the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft. The surface pen has a good pressure sensibility and I can draw directly on the screen in tablet mode. As for the software, I am using clip studio paint.

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